It’s not so long ago that local TV news in Southern California had a small-town, “let’s put on a show” quality lacking in today’s over-polished and neutered broadcasts. People who grew up when I did fondly recall KABC’s weatherman Dr. George Fishbeck – the nerdy meteorologist (yes, he really was a scientist – not a model, actor, or comedian). The polar opposite of today’s StormWatch 2008 SuperMega Doppler 7000 HD, Dr. George never used cue cards or a teleprompter, was awkward and bookish on camera, but always charmed us with his sincere passion and honest demeanor. Occasionally (OK, frequently) he’d wander off-topic and need to be guided back on course by anchors Jerry Dunphy and Christine Lund. He was everybody’s favorite science teacher, the kind of character you’d simultaneously laugh at and defend against mocking.

Dr. George retired in 1997 and won an Emmy Governor’s Award in 2003 for his contribution to broadcasting.

Take a look at this video from 1980 – the low-tech presentation is stunning by today’s standards:


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44 Responses to Dr. George Fishbeck

  1. Eric says:

    Dr. George spoke at our church one Sunday and I got to meet him after the service. He’s a very nice guy and definitely one of a kind. I miss his weather reports.

  2. guy says:

    Book signing with Dr. George…Westlake Village in May

  3. Allen garcia says:

    There is none better he set the bar to high

  4. John says:

    I remember the KABC Dr. George umbrella from many years ago. I think it had the words ‘ I told you it would rain”

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